Different Types of Landscape Design

The key to successful landscaping is through planning things carefully and paying attention to details. Before you begin planning your desired landscape, it is essential to consider what design or style would be suitable for your lifestyle and home. 

Working with what you have is one of the most vital things in landscape design. For instance, if you really want to have an English garden but the condition of your yard is not fitting for this. As a result, it will never turn out the way you wanted. However, if you are living in a dry climate, then you have to think about placing xeriscaping elements and plants that are resistant to drought into your landscape design.  

There are many traditional garden and landscaping styles which you can use as a guide to the landscape that you want. Or you can use your creativeness and try to add elements from various styles to make a personalized look of your landscape design. The following are some of the garden and landscaping styles that you might want to consider as you try landscaping Hamilton. 

Organic Gardens 

Since more people are becoming more aware of the harmful effects that chemicals can give, growing plants organically has turned out to be one of the trends nowadays. This indicates the practice of natural methods of fertilization and pest control instead of using chemical sprays or fertilizers. 

Butterfly Gardens 

To other gardens, dozens of bird species or butterfly common within your place could be a great addition. To achieve this, you can place specific kinds of plants that can help attract these flying species and offer a food source at the same time.  

English Garden Style 

This garden-style uses a lot of perennials and shrubs in a design that counterparts your home’s architectural design. Some decorative elements may include a birdbath or arbor.  

Woodland Landscape 

This style mainly focuses on the natural means of how fauna nurtures in a wooded area. Meaning, it has a less polished look compared to other garden styles. If you don’t like to spend a lot of your time on maintenance then this style is for you.  

Oriental Landscape 

This landscape utilizes evergreens, rocks, and water with different kinds of plants to make unique perspectives. Also, you may think about incorporating a Japanese Zen garden. 

Formal Landscape 

The formal style observes precise geometric shapes, straight lines, and symmetrical patterns with well-pruned, orderly plants. In these landscapes, you will usually find the topiary design. This type of landscaping needs a lot of maintenance.  

Xeriscape Gardens 

Practically 50% of the household water is used for the garden or yard. This specialty landscape contains numerous low-water flowers and plants, and design ideas as well in order to moderate water evaporation.  

Informal landscape 

The informal landscape utilized plant beds that have curved edges. The plants are positioned in apparently random patterns. This type of landscaping is a great choice if you have kids that would be playing within the garden area.