Carpets have quite a lot of varieties than a normal person would think, from styles to patterns to colors, every carpet has a distinct vibe into it. If you are looking for a new carpet that it suitable for your home then this is a perfect blog for you. In this blog we will talk about the different distinct style and types of carpet that we have in the world. And if ever you are looking for a carpet cleaner, you can hit up carpet cleaning in Launder Hill. 

What is a carpet? 

If you are an alien and doesn’t know what a carpet is then I will explain it to you. A carpet is a floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room. A carpet was traditionally made from wool but as time pass in changed. So, that is what a carpet is and we hoped it will help you understand. 

Kinds of Carpet 

  1. Wool 

The classic is first, wool is liked for its natural appearance. Wool carpets are quite durable and lived for a long time and is well made. Wools are really good at absorbing things so it is really hard to dry. It is recommended to use wool carpet if you are looking for a natural vibe and a carpet that should not be wet. 


Nylon is a really durable and stain repellent carpet fiber. It is recommended an option for houses with pets and children and for those who please a lot of people. Nylon is quite easy to clean too, it is very sustainable. The only bad part about nylon is that it’s a conductor of static electricity, unless its treated for the problem. 


Polyester is familiar for its luxurious appearance, consistency and quite a lot of variety of colors. It is also fade resistant and stain resistant, so it wouldn’t be a hassle cleaning them. Its vulnerable to pilling, shedding, and oil-based stains. So, be careful for those things if you have a polyester carpet. 


The last carpet kind that I’m going to introduce to you. Olefin has good stain and moisture repellent but has a low wear ability compare to other carpet kinds. It is recommended for loop pile establishment or a high and very dense cut piles. Know what length your carpet is going to be. After that roll out the length of the netting you need and cut the objects with your scissors.   

Making a Carpet 

Materials needed: 

Multi-use netting  

Cotton piping 

Small rubber bands 


 Start trimming little pieces of cotton piping that are about 4 inches long and are in the same height as all of the cotton piping.  Weave the pieces though the border of every one then separate piece of mesh and combine them, turn them into one.